Vitamin D Workshop

 Scientific Conferences Dedicated to Stimulating Research on Vitamin D

The 21st Workshop on Vitamin D


Tentative Scientific Program as of March 9, 2018 


Please note that the tentative program DOES NOT include Promoted Communications, which will be slotted into every sessions as short talks. This year we have allocated more time for promoted communications than for invited speakers. We anticipate that in this way the program will provide diversity and highlight the most exciting new science. 

All abstracts received by the deadline of March 15, 2018 will be ranked by the Workshop Executive Committee and the Program Advisory Committee.

The highest scoring abstracts will be chosen for inclusion as Promoted Communications. We anticipate that approximately 30 abstracts will be chosen for short platform presentations.

The scores will also be used to identify outstanding abstracts for the Plenary Poster Session to be held in conjunction with the Welcome Reception on May 16.

In addition to the Welcome Reception, we are in the process of organizing a Networking Dinner, which will likely be held the evening of Friday May 18. 


Questions? Contact our meeting planner Ms. Roxanne Hall

​​​​​​​​​WEDNESDAY MAY 16
Welcome Reception & Plenary Posters (begins at 5PM)

Basic Research Keynote:  

     A Year in Vitamin D: Basic/Translational (Marie Demay)
Session I: Vitamin D and Bone Disease
     Prevention of Nutritional Rickets (Wolfgang Hogler)
     Vitamin D Metabolism and Signaling in Bone  (Paul Anderson)
Session II: Bioinformatics
     Genetics of Vitamin D Level and Action (Andre Uitterlinden)
     Pathway Analysis for Vitamin D  (Susan Coort)
Session III: Vitamin D and Cancer
     Mechanisms of Action of Vitamin D in Colon Cancer (Alberto Munoz)
     Development of Calcitriol and Analogues as Cancer Therapies: A             History of Missed Opportunities (Skip Trump)
Session IV: Vitamin D, Immunology and Respiratory Disease
     Vitamin D and Respiratory Infection (Adrian Martineau)
     Vitamin D and COPD (Wim Janssens)

Session V: Vitamin D Nutrition
     ODIN Project and Food Fortification (Mairead Kiely)
     Dietary Vitamin D: An EPIC Perspective  (Jakob Linseisen)
Session VI: Vitamin D, Aging and the Brain
     Vitamin D and Neurological Function (Darryl Eyles)
Session VII: New Functions for Vitamin D
     25-hydroxyvitamin D and Lipid Metabolism (Motonari Uesugi)
     Vitamin D, cell metabolism and immune function  (Chantal Mathieu)
Session VIII: Vitamin D Chemistry and Analogs
     Calcitroic acid and its phase II metabolites (Alexander Arnold)

Clinical Research Keynote:   

     A Year in Vitamin D: Clinical (Peter Ebeling)
Session IX: Vitamin D and Reproduction
     Vitamin D and Pregnancy: A Trials Perspective (Carol Wagner)
     Maternal Vitamin D and Neonatal Immunity (Catherine Hawrylowicz)
Session X: Optimizing Vitamin D status
     Dosing Regimens for Vitamin D (Kevin Cashman)

         Adjournment Saturday May 19 at 12 Noon